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From an excursion around the beaches and reefs of the great Australian coast to a walk through the spice gardens of Zanzibar – Diana Travel & Tours knows the world of touring from A to Z.


Whether it’s Go-It-Alone or Group Escorted Packages, Diana Travel & Tours, specializing in custom worldwide travel, has it all. Tell us what you want, how you want it and we’ll create a specific tour just for you.


We care about your trip. We want it to be wonderful. And, we want you to be so happy with us, that you’ll never think of taking a trip or tour without consulting Diana Travel & Tours and insisting on our service.

What We Offer

We are located in Madison, New Hampshire, but our reach is worldwide with clients both near and far. Diana Travel & Tours offers personalized service regardless of where you are, where you want to go or how you want to travel.

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About Us

Custom Worldwide Travel for Groups and Individuals

Diana Travel & Tours is New England’s premier travel agency specializing in custom away- from-home experiences for everyone from the novice to the savvy sophisticate.

What is custom travel?

It’s listening to our clients and satisfying their every travel need with ease and confidence. It’s exactly what Diana Travel & Tours has been doing for the past 40 years. And, we can do it for you.

We find the right trip or tour at the right price. From budget-minded to sky’s-the-limit, Diana Travel & Tours makes every trip, vacation, tour and cruise a first-class experience.

We’re expert at group travel, too. Diana Travel & Tours creates extraordinary custom travel and tour packages for specialized group trips in the US and abroad. Create your own itinerary or let us create one for you. We will save you time AND money.

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